Pointers for those relocating

Relocating to a new city is a task which comes with innumerable episodes of frustration and stress. While it is an exulting process, it is also a time of your life which calls for smart decision making at the right time. Apart from deciding what will be the tone of your clothes in the new city; planning where you will stay calls for a bigger concern. If you have friends and relatives already settled there, you may get a heads up of sorts but if you don’t, there is nothing to lament since the internet brings houses to your fingertips. So just keep clicking.

A good way to avoid pesky brokers is to join groups and pages on Facebook where individuals post their requirements for flats or roommates. Since they sell themselves you get to talk to them freely and can also ask for suggestions in case you are not clear about the geography of the city. The first thing you need to figure while house hunting is the closest landmark to your work place so that you can look for places in a certain radius.

There are multiple websites online which advertise for places but none of them should be made a locked deal without you personally checking out the place. No matter the pretty picture of the kitchen top posted on the website, you should always consider the locality when deciding on a place.

There is a relative relationship between how much you want to spend and how long you want to commute. Depending on your pay you should ideally not be spending more than 30% of your pay. This ensures you have a balance between rent, expenditure and savings.

If you are relocating to a different apartment in the same city, then there is also a lifestyle up-scaling that you need to consider before jumping for that great apartment close to work.

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