The importance of mundane house chores

Our life is filled with high functioning tasks which require varying levels of our concentration. While most of this concentration is invested in our professional lives, a sizable amount of it is also used for daily tasks like driving, calculating your bill at the store and others. Living alone in a city away from home means we have to perform all these tasks single handedly. High functioning tasks take a sizable portion of our day; however, ideally they should be balanced with mundane tasks that take little or no thoughts to perform. But often we forget the importance of mundane tasks in our lives.

Cleaning your room, doing the dishes, folding laundry are some of the tasks which take little or no attention from our brain since we have been wired to perform them with little thought process. It is said that tasks such as these helps our brains to ponder over other thoughts that may have flittered through our minds during the day. Be it thoughts on what your next blog will be or why did Newton sit below an apple tree or if you really love your boyfriend. These are all thoughts our brain finds enough time to ponder over while you scrub your dishes.

Multi-taskers will tell you that folding your laundry or walking your dog are the best times to listen to music or to an audio book. It is simply an attempt to reap better benefits from the time you spend doing these boring yet necessary tasks during the day or week.

As much as you may like to postpone repainting your cupboard because of the boring nature of it and the fact that you cannot Netflix while you do it, do remember that it is moments of silences like these that your mind cherishes so that it can focus on organic thoughts it generates.

So next time you have to do dishes after a dinner with friends, cherish it as a time to concentrate on your thoughts, away from your phone with a little music in the background.

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