Travelling without travelling

Travelling as a hobby is shared by many share in this planet. Whenever, our work life provides us some reverie, we tend to pack our bags to visit a new place. However, before we get down to packing, we decide on where to go and what to see, if at all that place has monuments and sceneries to take in. We prepare an itinerary first and then decide the duration of the stay. Most often, our compulsion to keep up with the itinerary surpasses are agenda of taking rest and relaxing while on a holiday. So here a few tips on how to travel without travelling.

If you are travelling, chances are you have already pulled out a list of places to visit and things to do from Google and will astutely stick to it during your trip. The real essence in enjoying a new location lies in throwing caution to the wind and forgetting your prepared itinerary. It is fine to have an idea of the geography of the area but use other methods to maneuver around.

Once you let go of top things to see in place X, you will inadvertently rely on locals for directions and suggestions. This will safely keep you away from the touristy places and give you a real essence of the place you are visiting. Their recommendations for the best place to eat and relax will never fail you.

Another feature of travelling without travelling is to do what your heart feels like and not to compulsively tour when all you want to do is sit in your hotel lounge and enjoy the view outside.

Most importantly if you want to explore a place, walk around squares and streets and notice people go about their lives as you quietly observe them. This may lead to less number of posed photos around monuments for your Facebook wall but it will surely enrich your personal experience of exploring a place.

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