Finding your meditation

As we go about life, it becomes necessary to let go of everything else and just concentrate in now. Meditation is the most recommended form of doing it. While following a guru or joining meditation classes are the general norms, very few of us find the time to do it in our fast lives. If you are the kind of person who does not find any relaxation in sitting down in one place and iterating mono syllables, then it is best not to enforce it on yourself. Instead, try to find your own form of meditation.

Your meditation can be any activity you find peace in performing. If it is cooking then do it with concentration. The underlying intention is to break your stream of thoughts and concentrate on slicing the onion thinly and not think about work mails waiting for replies.

Doing what you like to do is one of the biggest forms of relaxation one can hope for. Even if it is strumming your seldom played guitar for half an hour. If it is able to bring you some solace after a 10 hour work shift, cherish it and nourish it.

Being able to cook or strum your guitar should be well configured in your routine for you to make it your meditation. No matter how busy your day gets ensure you devote a few minutes to your meditation.

Treat this time as an interaction with yourself. If you are the kind who enjoys brushing their dog in silence then do it and treat it as an investment on yourself. It is a moment of bonding with your dog as well as relaxation for you.

So ‘om’ does not necessarily need to be your call for meditation, even a woof can be. Whatever be your form of meditation, do it and you shall find peace in the myriad hum drum of life.

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