Maintaining long distance friendships

Life takes us places, sometimes close to the people in our life and sometimes away from the people we love. No matter where we go, there are some people we need in our lives, however far we may be. A best friend or a close friend is one such person you would love to pack with you to every corner of this planet. That being an impossible task to perform, you do your best to maintain an inter-city or inter-country relationship with them. Juggling life in a new city and a new life without them by your side may be an overwhelming job to do but there are always ways to make sure you are never too far away from them.

Every relationship requires investment in terms of time. So if you are missing your friend, or are stuck with how to deal with annoying co-workers, give her a call or get on video call just to let off steam. Dividing time with a partner and a close friend is a fine balance, every time you are in doubt of who to call, simply ask yourself which call can be delayed.

When you are away, that is when your friendship is prone to snapping but a little nourishment is all it takes. You may be a person who is horrible at remembering dates but do make attempts to remember your friend’s birthday, her next doctor’s appointment and the person she is dating. A simple reminder on Google calendar works fine.

You need not necessarily talk to your best friend every day but occasional calls when an important event like running in to your ex happens, do share it. Do not wait for the weekend to make that call. You might just be making his or her day for no matter which corner of the world you may be, good gossip always helps a friendship.

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