When you need a break

Whenever work gives us a break, we take it o bring revive our energy levels. How we take a break varies from person to person. Some may make it a lazy weekend at home alone, some may see it as time to spend with family while others may see it as an opportunity to visit new places. Whatever be your idea of a break, we all crave it and make plans for it during Wednesday lunches at office. How or when you take a break is a personal decision guided by several reasons but there are some signs which tell you for sure that you need a break from work and your immediate surroundings.

A saturated mind is a mind definite to make small mistakes. There might be days at work when you get called for mistakes as silly as spell checks, for mistakes you never imagined possible, all because your mind is driving on low fuel. This a small cue for you to sit back a bit and let yourself relax, even if it is just for the weekend.

Millennial lifestyle is such that we never get enough sleep. No matter how long our sleep is, we feel tired even after waking up from deep slumber. If you feel the same at work, chances are you need a break. Being tired all the time does not reflect well on your performance level.

A tired mind takes longer to perform than a well rested one. If you are taking longer than you generally do to complete going through a document, it is due to lack of focus. Lack of concentration compiled with a tired spirit makes for bad output.

So give yourself some time off. Even if it is in the middle of the week and your body refuses to get out of bed on a Thursday morning. Sleep in, feed yourself and simply let yourself relax.

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