Apartment additions for your pet

Pets are lovely beings to have in your life but finding a place for them in your tiny apartment can be a task. Despite their frugal ownership of materialistic things, you still need to find a proper place for the dog bowl and leashes. Tucking them away from hind sight only means you spend that much time finding it again. If you a have been struggling so long, worry not, for a few pet friendly and budget friendly additions to your apartment can make like easy for you and your fur ball.

Your pet needs a designated pet rack to store his or her brushes, leashes and other pet products. Your rack should smartly be placed in an easily accessible area for you to reach them whenever needed. A place beside your shoe rack may be nice but do make sure they receive direct or indirect sunlight as pet products like toys and leashes need sunlight from time to time.

There will always be days when you do not want to walk your dog. For those lazy nights, your balcony floor should not be an alternative as it only adds to foul smell and more work next morning. So make a mobile plot of grass on your balcony with a square frame. Keep it at ground level and potty train your dog. It is easy and hassle free for you.

A smart pet feeder which comes with coupled with a storage space can be a live saver when it comes to keeping your kitchen counter clean. You can also try camouflaging your pet food better in cute cookie containers; just make sure new entrants in your kitchen are aware of those containers.

A crucial part of keeping pets is to make sure you provide them the space to breathe and grow, even it means finding a special space for them to keep their rug in. So find a spot and see them go gala over it.


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