Solo biking trip pointers

We travel for fun, travel for travel, travel for relaxation. We may do it with a wide range of people starting from strangers to friends to family. No matter who you travel with, there will always be a time when you travel for yourself, alone. While some may choose to do it in a group of strangers others may do it all alone. No matter how you travel, a bike trip is all it takes to experience you inner self, your mind and nature. So if you like riding, here are a few heads up for you to take down before you head out alone with your bike.

A trip alone should come with all kinds of possible precautions as you never really know where you may land in trouble. A minutely planned trip may take the fun off a bit but it is always better to be prepared especially when you are traveling to an unknown place. So leave behind contact numbers of hotels you will be staying in with your friends, in case of emergencies.

There is no end to the type of trouble you can run in to when traveling on a highway alone covering long distances. Running out of petrol is just one of them. Be sure to carry extra power for your cell phone as well as all directional instruments. Keep a towing number handy. If you are traveling to an extreme place like Ladakh definitely stick to carrying extra socks as there are always chances of them getting wet. You don’t want to return home with toes missing due to frost bite.

You are bound to be stuck with cramped muscles after an hour or so, so be sure to carry muscle relaxants as they give temporary relief. And be well rested before you start for the next day.

If it is a motorcycle you are riding then be sure to carry proper papers of license, ownership, pollution certificate and others. And the best part, enjoy it!

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