Sharing refrigerator with roommates pointers

Living with roommates can be fun and tedious at the same time. As roommates, you not only share an apartment but also other parts of your life. Food is one such crucial part of it as well as where you store your food, that is, a refrigerator. While you may have spent endless nights walking to the refrigerator looking for food and answers in life, you roommates too have done it. While you may be going through similar phases in life, your food sharing phase may not always be the same. So it is crucial that you lay down a few rules when it comes to sharing a refrigerator with your roommates.

Different people shop different groceries but at times it may also be the same stuff. Using post-its to differentiate who’s milk carton it is goes a long way in preventing unintentional intake of another’s food. A simple post-it with your name can go a long way in preventing your chocolate from vanishing.

An easier version of sharing a refrigerator is to simply designate shelves. Assign one for each and see how easy it becomes. You will no longer have to bother about not having enough space.

There are always times when you may see your roommate’s bread slices become colonies for fungus in the fridge but be sure to inform him or her before you do the good deed of tossing it in to the dust bin.

There is only so much space on the fridge door which means not everyone can keep their ketchup bottle. So when it comes to condiments keep them common as it will save space and money. Just make sure the payment for it happens in a rotational manner.

Keeping a common pool for groceries works when you have responsible roommates. However, it is advisable that you keep a common pool only for things of regular use like onion, potatoes and tomatoes. For more specific veggies it is better to shop them yourself.


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