Sitting in a restaurant alone

A weekend with no plans is rare to occur in our fast lives, yet intentionally or non-intentionally they do happen once in a while. If you are an extrovert who gets uncomfortable with spending weekends alone, a weekend alone is possibly the best way to explore and find yourself. If you are spending time alone, then it does not always mean that stick to your old pajamas and uncombed hair in your apartment. You can also dress up, for the sole purpose of looking pretty for yourself and catching a few strangers eyes.

So walk in to a restaurant or café bravely and don’t look guilty for having walked into one alone. Do remember that being alone does not always mean being lonely. Sometimes it is simply better to hear your mind talking and not another human being.

While sitting in a café alone sounds romantic, it may not always be as peaceful or romantic as they show on movies. Unless you are an ardent introvert with little care for what the world thinks of them, your hands will want something to do it. Fidgeting with a phone is not the sole option. There are others.

Remember that half novel you stopped reading after your favorite character died? Well pick that up again while you sit in a café alone on a Sunday. Even if you do not have a physical book in hand, carry your Kindle and find a silent corner to have conversations with your book.

As we go about our fast paced life with every minute scheduled, we often forget to take a step back and simply observe the people around us. A quiet dinner or lunch alone can provide you that much needed break to simply observe your fellow human beings. Club it with some time spent on catching up on your journal and you have a good two hours doing nothing yet doing a lot for yourself.

So give yourself some time. Muster the courage to sit in a restaurant alone. The world is too busy to think about you for too long.

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