Combating monsoon

Monsoons can be both romantic and a menace depending on which side of the door you are on. While it may be nice to watch the rain while you snuggle in your blanket at home, it is the absolute reverse when you have to step out in rain to go to work. Regardless of how we approach the monsoons, rains are a reality which needs to be survived. Having the right gears to face monsoons can make all the difference between entering your office drenched or with just your feet wet. Investments on rain gears pay off well especially if you live in a city which receives bountiful of rains.

During monsoons, our shoes are of prime importance. Lock away your precious leathers and bring out your waterproof shoes. It is the perfect time to spend on rubber shoes with enough ventilation to dry it off fast. Even plastic based ones work well. If you opt for open shoes then be sure to dry off your feet and moisturize them as soon as you get home or settle at your desk. Prolonged water exposure and harsh air conditioning can make your feet dry.

Spare your handbag or backpack some thought when you walk through the rain. They too deserve some protection. Spend on a rain cover for your backpack. If it is a leather bag you carry then be sure to wipe it with a cloth after you return home else it might encourage mould growth.

Basic protection against rain does not change despite your age which includes raincoats and umbrellas. If you lost your umbrella at the dentist be sure to get one before it starts pouring, this is one area you do not want to be skimpy with. If you hate being half drenched despite carrying an umbrella then a raincoat is your call although they do not make it as colourful for adults.

So gear well to enjoy the pitter patter without jitters.

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