Lazy man’s clothe organizing hack

Deciding what to wear before you step out of your house can be a time consuming task for some. Not everyone after all is a pro at assembling the best out of their closet in a matter of minutes which is why for some of us poor souls, organizing our clothes saves us a great deal of time and embarrassment. If you are one such existing soul in this world, read on to find out reduce your time before a wardrobe and maximize on living life. However, it does require a little planning beforehand but the investment goes a long way in saving time.

In absolute layman’s words, the easiest way to organize your clothes is to divide them into work wear and party wear, or even fancy wear. This wires your brain to reach a particular side of your rack and not make your eye wonder all around your wardrobe.

If you a person who does not mind repeating clothes then set your mind on exactly the number of tees you would like to wear in a week. On a roughly five day work week schedule, three shirts sounds should work fine thereby reducing your laundry.

Always keep a spare shirt, top or skirt handy to go around in the neighborhood to run simple errands like grocery shopping or simply to get a cup of coffee. On a weekly basis you can keep one such pair of clothes. The liberating feeling on not having to wonder what to wear before you step out saves a lot of your time and brain work.

If you do not sweat much on your way to work and do not accumulate dirt on your clothes, then feel free to repeat your shirt another day, if not the next day may be the day after. Accessorize it differently on both days and you have a new look altogether without having to think much.

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