The seduction of cheap junk food

At some point or the other, almost every one of us swears to eat well and control our bad food cravings. When the last skinny jean does not fit or our tummy flops a little when we walk, we mentally draw the last straw of embarrassment and self loathe and cross our heart to diet better. While some of us turn out to be victorious with our resolution, others shamefully accept that we have to shop for size M next time. But why is it so hard to stick to a diet. Is a weak will power all that it takes to break your promise of eating healthy?

If you think yes, reconsider the question. You may have left early for work swearing to have pineapple juice first thing in the morning at the juice center but then when a co-worker walks in from the canteen with a packet of salted crispy chips, you give up the benefits of the juice for the chips. Why is it so? Granted that junk food is way too lusciously packed than green salads but then again it is just not the great taste. The cheap cost also makes junk food more attractive. You have probably paid three times more for the juice than the chips packet and yet satiated neither your taste buds nor your cravings. This probably makes cheap junk food all the more alluring when you are living under self made promises of eating healthier.

So what is the best way to restrain yourself?

Much like any other good things in life, it comes slowly and steadily. So instead of switching to fruits for lunch and dinner over night, do it slowly over a period of time. Accustom your body to the change in intake and also exercise high self control. When you see a tempting snack being pushed towards you, remind yourself that you do not want your morning pineapple juice intake to go to waste.

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