10 min guide to prepping your guest room

Guests can drop in at your place any moment especially when you have been very casual with distributing verbal invitations. Be it after a drunk Friday night, or a random sleepover concocted over dinner at a restaurants. No matter what the reason or occasion, people may drop in any time and even make plans for staying over. If you have a spare room or guest room chances are you mostly use it for dumping your unfolded laundry. If that is your usual practice, then read on to find out how to prep your guest room in under 10 minutes without breaking a sweat.

The first step is to open the windows and let fresh air circulate. Fancy scented candles are secondary, you first need to make the room breathable and letting fresh air is the primary step. Set up the candles and spray the room freshener too but if your guest is already at your door step there are others concerns you need to address first.

Change the linen if you can’t remember the last time you did it for this room. It is always nice to have fresh linen to sleep on when you are tired. Even if you do not have time for pillows make sure your bed sheet and blanket is clean.

Making sure the bathroom is clean is a crucial step that should never be ignored or skipped. Wipe the toilet seat clean and make sure you flush it once and put down the seat. A change of towels is always welcomed.

You need not be a hotel management graduate to figure the basics of keeping your house guest happy. While breakfast at bed may be going too far, leaving a bottle of water and glass at the bed stand is the most basic thing you can do.

Some may be impressed, others not so much but a few simple steps go a long way in making your room more presentable and livable.

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