Making your house storm ready this monsoon

Being prepared is always the best card to play when it comes to facing bad weather in your house. No matter how strongly it may be built there are always a few precautionary steps you can take to better protect your house from a dreadful natural weather. Read on to get tips on how storm proof your house. With monsoon blowing hard, you don’t want to spend your sunny days cleaning the dust that washes up on your balcony.

Stormy and rainy weather can become a nightmare for your house if you have been ignoring your drainage. If there is a rain pipe leaking it is best to fix it before the rains hit to save your place from further damage.

With bad weather come chances of power cuts at any moment so be sure to stock up on candles as well as charge your power back up options. It is never nice to stay in the dark for too long.

When you are locked in your house for more a few days, supplies start depleting and chances are your online delivery won’t be working either so stock up in advance with dry food as well as instant food like cup noodles, soup. Bread although a common option stands chances of turning bad if stored for too long.

The first step you should take towards protecting your house is to ensure you bring inside all your outdoor furniture. When the storm hits you do not want to relinquish your precious patio furniture to the storm, chances are you may not even be at home when it hits.

Our charming wind chimes are the most vulnerable pieces of décor when bad weather hits our home. So if you do not want to end up with a tangled wind chime with a few of its strings broken after the storm, it is best to keep it in a place it will not chime.

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