Things To Know Before You Start Saving

When you are on your first job, savings barely surface on your mind for the first few months. Granted that you will end up spending most of your spare money treating friends for the first two months, this phase passes away soon and then you will have to do more with your money. Savings has long worn the robe of adulting but it does not always have to be that boring or serious, for at the end of the day, a little saving goes a long way to get you the things you want with your own money. But here are a few things for you to sort out before you start saving.

The first step to getting your savings straight is to have a bank account separate from your salary account. You can stick to using your maiden account but make sure you avail all net banking facilities before shift to a different city. You can treat this account as your stack heaven.

It is important to have an emergency fund for times when you fall sick or get hurt or when your laptop breaks down. Building up this fund is crucial before you step out to invest in stocks or other investment plans.

Before you chalk out how much you want to save, it is important that you first find out how much you spend on a monthly basis. Getting it down on paper helps concretize it. Mentally if you draw lines about how much you intend to save, they act as mini alarms in your mind stopping you from buying that extra chocolate bar.

Set a realistic goal when it comes to savings. You can do that only when you have concurred all your costs. If you manage to reach your saving goal on one month, be sure to maintain the flow for as long as possible.

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