Celebrating Diwali The Green Way

Diwali is one of the most widely celebrate festival in India, with its wide popularity however comes the darker side to the festival which contributes largely to air and noise pollution. For those who care about the environment, Diwali’s celebrations stand in contradiction to their beliefs but that should never be a reason for not celebrating Diwali. You need not turn off lights in your house to show your solidarity with the environment instead you can celebrate it in a greener and more sustainable way.

Going about Diwali the silent way is not a famous take but if you are surrounded by people who think crackers can also not be the priority of Diwali, you can invite them over for a party. However, be sure to let them know in advance that it is a silent party and that there will not be cracker bursting in any form.

Once you have got people with you, bring out the best part of Diwali, which is having a good time. You can let your guests run wild by arranging for board games or card games, with poker or teen patti being favourite choices. With rounds of drinks and supply of food, the fun is going to last longer than any fuljhari.

Just because you are not bursting firecrackers this Diwali, it should not be a reason for you to not step out to your balcony or terrace. The sky line is lit and bursting rockets in the night sky gives all a magical feel. Prep for a moonlight dinner with your loved ones and the night could not get any more magical with free fireworks in the background.

If sustainability is something you try to incorporate in your lifestyle then Diwali is a great occasion to practice it. What you use for décor will speak heaps about your lifestyle choices. While fancy lamps and plastic diyas are easy and mess free installations, they are not sustainable for artisans. Go around Diwali the sustainable by opting for mud lamps and bask in the golden hue of an oil lamp in your apartment.

Happy Diwali!

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