Easy Halloween Decor In Under An Hour

Halloween is around the corner and so is the time to get scared for fun.  In case you are the one throwing the party at your place, there should be no means by which you skip decor, for that ultimately is the best part of Halloween. While you can always order online the witch hats, angry pumpkins and bat cut-outs; making them with your own hand is possibly the best part. Here are few easy to do Halloween decor for your apartment to get the spook mode on.

The easiest way to break down a decor plan is to decide on your center pieces to be placed in each room. For the kitchen a spooky food assortment works in the form of blood dripping cupcakes to punch bowl with dry ice smoke. The living area is best lit with a ghostly apparition or simply two stocked feet with boots dangling from the overhead storage compartment. You can even accentuate your doors by pasting witches on brooms or bats. The options are limitless depending on the amount of time you are willing to give.

Once you have got the center pieces sorted, proceed to the filler pieces that will string together the whole decor. Lights are a great way of doing it, so bring out your Diwali golden lights and as you light them across the apartment add a few plastic spiders or bats or even a friendly ghost cutout made from black paper. A master stroke on your light display would be recreating the Christmas light with alphabets on wall shot from Stranger Things. What better way to express your fandom than with this. Consequently, you can also set up a voodoo board just to make things interesting.

We all love glowing things in the dark and Halloween is just a way of giving people the creeps in the dark and the best place to do that is in your bathroom when people are most vulnerable. You can turn it into a bloody scene by dabbing some red paint on the towel stand or tissue roll. You can even draw a few bloody footsteps on the floor. Nothing spells scare better than blood.

So try a few, moderate a few and have buck loads of fun this Halloween.


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