Roommate goals set by Monica and Rachel for girls

Living with a compatible roommate makes all the difference between you frowning or smiling when you enter home. They may not always give you solace but they do become the closest thing you have to home when living away from family. One such ideal roommate relationship was seen in Monica and Rachel of famous sitcom FRIENDS. As we watch endless reruns of the series here are a few roommate lessons every girl can learn from them.

When two people live together, there has to be one in charge of cleanliness of the apartment. One person in the relationship has to push the other to not leave water marks on the glass table and to always wash a dish the moment it hits the sink. Monica teaching Rachel to not leave crumbs in the bed eventually led to Rachel learning a little about domestic hygiene.

Good roommates push each for the best. Times when Rachel felt lost, Monica was always there to guide her or more exclusively point out that people had jobs to support them.

Roommates always borrow clothes and jewelry but there is no harm in being rigid about the return policy. Remember when Rachel lost Monica’s earring and put the blame on Phoebe.

Monica taught us the importance of keeping things in their place like the quintessential pen and pad by the telephone. No matter where Rachel placed the pen in the apartment, Monica’s stickler for its placement by the phone saved many a dates for the two.

Food is a binding force between roommates and cooking is the act of bonding. It always helps when one of you can cook. Monica’s cooking went beyond holding their entire group of friends together, it stopped Rachel from sleeping in hunger.

A crucial lesson to be learnt from Monica and Rachel is respecting each other’s partner. Through the series no matter who they dated, despite their judgments, they gave each other space and encouraged each other through their relationship.

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