Surviving the Month End Week as an Adult

Once you start working and earning like an adult, every month comes in a cycle, starting with making you feel rich to make you feel poor. As weeks pass by, the amount shown in our account dwindles till it reaches the dreaded month end Rs. 500. The last week of the month is when we all struggle to keep our heads above the water. No matter how big our salary may get with time, this special week of the month ultimately leaves you with just Rs. 500 for survival. The rest of the journey is a slow crawl till you reach the last date of the month and hear the beep in your cell phone welcoming the entry of your salary.

The slow crawl often leads us to give up on the fancier things we do on a day to day basis for the first three weeks of the month like taking a cab to work despite the bus or trains in your city running fine. Millennial inflicted meagerness makes us say hello to your kitchen after weeks of eating out which eventually leaves us with the last vestige of your salary, a green Rs. 500 note. The fourth week of the month gives us the realization that we can survive on less in the city.

While people with perfect expenditure records advise you to plan out your spendings better, no matter what you do, the miraculous five hundred note survives while others slip out of your wallet at the coffee shop, bookstore, Panipuri stall or even at the canteen when you routinely break your diet to grab a snack after work. The opportunities are innumerable for us to cut back on but the month end is the time we actually reflect on them.

Life teaches us lessons when we live meagerly and thus this week too teaches us to tread softly in social life by preferably not going out. There, after all, exists very few things one can do for free in a city. Till financial liberty strikes us on the first day or last day of the month, we all pin all our hopes on that one SMS for our salvation. The cycle is set again.

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