A Loner’s Guide to the Ultimate 7 Christmas Movies

Christmas is the festival of cheer and merriment with family. While everyone across the world flies to be with their family, not every individual is fortunate enough to have booked their flight on time. For those poor souls looking to spend Christmas alone, there is no reason why you should distance yourself from the yuletide feeling. While baking a cake and putting up a Christmas tree in your room, is one of the ways of letting the festivities sink in, movies can also play a role when you sit home under the blanket. Here is my list of classic Christmas movies.

  1. A Christmas Carol

Christmas can never be complete without visiting this classic of Charles Dickens, read it or watch it; it is the epitome of the Christmas feel. You never know if the three ghosts visit you too, to make you review your life.

  1. Grinch

Nothing can make Christmas better than this angry green Jim Carrey character bent on spoiling Christmas for all. Watch it to see the dazzling tree and snow and the wonderful transformation of a Christmas monster.

  1. Home Alone

This classic makes us giggle from head to toe. A child warrior fighting to save his house from burglars does not get funnier than this. Add to the church visit Macaulay Culkin does and you have complete Christmas comedy-drama.

  1. The Family Stone

Considered as one of the best Christmas based family dramas, this movie shows the discomfort in the family when the elder child introduces his girlfriend. It eventually ends with the message of love wins over everything.

  1. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Another adaptation of Dicken’s Christmas Carol, this movie stars the famous Muppets in their colorful self to create the musical fantasy comedy-drama.

  1. The Holiday

If you are a romantic at heart who spends Christmas alone, this movie might just restore your belief with its serendipitous encounters between the characters. It is the perfect romance drama to warm your heart on the cold winter night.

  1. Love Actually

Another classic rom-com created for Christmas, this one stars Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightly and everything nice. It has several parallel love stories to be connected by complex chances at the end.

These movies at the end eventually help you say out loud, ‘Merry Christmas’ even if you are alone.

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