Your Comfort Food Mashed Potato Just Got a Cheesy Upgrade

Food redefines itself with time, sometimes it is upgraded to a classier version with expensive ingredients, or it is hailed as the new food craze and at other times we dig deeper in peasant culture to revive a recipe for posh restaurants. Towards the end of 2017, one such dish surfaced and it has got our attention ever since. While we wait for it to be adopted into our Indian restaurant kitchens, the Aligot is already making headlines and sumptuous social media videos.

The Aligot is a peasant dish from South France. The simplicity of the dish yet the gooey cheesy goodness of it, is making people melt in their mouth and heart. An Aligot, when broken down into simpler terms is essentially a recipe created when mashed potatoes and fondue are married. Created with mashed potatoes and melting cheese, the stringy soft texture of the Aligot can very well be seen as an upgrade to the humble mashed potato.

The way Aligot is served is what really got the attention of people who ordered it. It is spun around two ladles multiple times by expert hands to mix the cheese and potato together to create a sublime ball of cheesy goop. The mixing is done overheat which means you get to see a show by your table. The mashed potato is mixed with butter, cream, garlic, seasoning and loads of Pommes cheese to make the incredible gooey goodness.

The aligot, however, is served as a side dish, much like mashed potato or fondue. Eat it with bread, sausage, chicken or a par-boiled vegetable, the incredible cheesiness is going to melt you. You should not be fooled by the quantity of aligot for it is heavier than mashed potatoes being rich in the carb and dairy items but then again, the taste makes it worth everything.

Will you dare to try to this adventurous recipe this festive season?

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