3 Easy Hacks For Managing Chores After Work

Life as an adult is a balancing act demanding you to tread softly but sternly. You will have to juggle several balls all at the same time with several of them being up in the air and out of your control. While it can get strenuously challenging, the act itself gives us the thrill. When you rush between making it work on time and meeting your friends during the weekend, there is little or no time for you to do the chores like laundry and kitchen cleaning. A little planning or organization ahead of time can help you make it a smooth sail.

  1. Divide and live

The policy worked for the British and no reason why it should not for you. Divide your household chores and live your life a little every day by the time you save. Fix a single day in your weekday for dusting. You can even single out a room to do each day of the week leaving your weekends open for total relaxation in a clean room.

  1. A little every day

We all tend to dump our laundry for the end of the week where an entire morning gets devoted to it. Don’t we have better plans on weekends? Instead of letting your dirty clothes steal your Saturday morning laziness, steal a dirty shirt on the way to your shower after work and you will be surprised by how little your heap will be at the end of the week.

  1. Planning your meals

We all wish to be welcomed by a warm meal on returning home. It is rarely a reality when you live alone in a city far away from home. Manning the ladle after nine hours of manning your desktop is never a wish. But you can make the task more endearing by making sure you know what you will cook. So slice the potatoes and put them to boiling before you go to change your clothes. You can even prep your meals in advance by having pre-chopped onions and tomatoes. Sautéing them over the stove brings down cooking time considerably.

Division and distribution of labor through the week for your must-do chores around the house makes all the difference between catching time to read your book and dropping dead on the sofa after having dinner. We are all working to catch ourselves a break in our 24-hour long play.

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