5 Renter Friendly Décor Ideas To Try This Season

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is around the corner and we all want to jazz up our apartment this time of the year. If you are a renter, chances are not every Pinterest idea is going to work for you. You will have to search harder so as to not offend your landlord to avoid harm to your security deposit. Here are a few clever renter-friendly décor ideas for the festive season.

Pull the drapes

When we think of décor, we mostly think of adding items to our décor to usher in the festive feeling, but there exists an easy way, simply work with the furniture you already have in your apartment. Add the Christmasy feel to your curtains by putting in bright red ones. Add snowflakes cutouts to them and you will have pop-art right in front of you.

Stick them with magnet

Worried your sticky tapes will dampen the plaster on the wall? Why not use magnets instead. It won’t stick stuff to the wall but you can easily turn your refrigerator into a décor central piece by making it look like a snowman. Use magnets to hold your pieces in place.

Hang rather than paste

Festive lights are crucial to any décor if you can’t paste them into your wall, simply hang them. Hang them along curtain poles or doorways or around your kitchen counter. Making clever use of the nails on your wall is crucial without having to hammer new ones on the wall. Line your lights along the floor to create a different allure altogether. You can even add them in clusters at corners.

Pull the rug

Have a loud rug? This is the season to pull it out of your closet and let your friends admire it. It is the cold season and nobody likes to walk on a cold stone floor.

Make the tree look new

Planning on a Christmas tree? Add it in a different place by ruffling your furniture around. The feeling of festive special lies in doing something new to trick our brain into believing it is indeed a break from the usual.

Make use of your clothing time pegs to decorate your walls with pretty images, cards, and festive greetings. They all add to the warm feeling that comes with Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

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