Live the uptown urban lifestyle with Homigo’s new hangout spaces

So, guys 2017 is finally going to end. What a year! Kardashian’s again stole the limelight for no reason at all or shall we say two big reasons and how can we forget Mr Trump and his Covfefe’s. While these celebrities utilized every single ounce of an opportunity to their benefit, we common people on the other hand just got excited knowing that 2017 is ending with a long weekend.

Talking about the long weekend, Christmas was here guys. So, did you too get a chocolate from your secret Santa? It sucks, right! And that’s why we have ‘Christmas Parties’ dear. Booking in advance, getting a great deal that too on an affordable entry charge (fine its Christmas but it’s the end of the month too) that’s an extra baggage that none of your friends wants to carry especially if you are the party planner for your group. So now we’re back to square one. We, at Homigo, understood that people might go through this dilemma and decided to do something special. After all, it’s Christmas and no one wants to celebrate it at home, alone.

Launching ‘Homigo Hangouts’


Homigo has always been much more than a rental network, we help you make a home and not just rent a property with us. To accomplish this common goal, Homigo, launched their ‘Hangouts’. Even if we have a perfect home with beautiful curtains and a cosy balcony, there are times when we just want to laze around on the terrace with a coffee and a smoke. But then there are stupid expectations, “Ah! Wish there was a hammock, no… futon.. who am I kidding a chair would have been just perfect.”  We know a comfortable seat with a beautiful view from the top of the terrace and a coffee is what comfort looks like after an exhausting day at the office. And that’s why we decided to make our homes a little more comfortable for our tenants. Our dedicated team got together with some of the best designers, architects and creative people to add a twist to the common areas in our rented properties.


_IMG_9455 copy

Homigo threw a kickass Christmas party as an official launch of our hangout space at HSR Layout. The stunning interior added more glory to our Christmas decor and made our party a little cosier. What started with people making small talks soon transformed into a crazy game night.  Most of us got carried away after a few beers down and decided to give our best acting auditions during a game of Dumb Charades. And then there was the creative lot who displayed their marvellous drawing skills in Pictionary. Yes, there were some horrible painters too but who cares when everybody is busy dancing, drinking and most important enjoying the hell out.

Live. Work. Socialise.


So, we had an amazing start to this party week. What about you? It was a proud day for us at Homigo as we were able to surprise our tenants with yet again something more beautiful and long-lasting. While the others think that their job is finished after renting you a property, we, on the other hand, consider it as the beginning of a new relationship. We are on our track to successfully remove the ‘Awaiting Party Confirmation’ buffer from our tenant’s lives by providing them with a perfect party place that too just couple of floors away from their home.


_IMG_9476 copy

And if you are like Mr Aamir Khan and avoid socializing, then, worry not!  As our hangout spaces give you a perfect work at terrace kind set up with power plugs and a comfortable desk. Whatever the mood – a little workout or yoga or just reminiscing old times with friends; our hangout spaces give you some extra moments to chill and take a break from the humdrum of the working life.

Let us know how you celebrated your Christmas and if you are still stuck in a vicious circle of renting houses, then, take a break sweetie! We are here for you. Try Homigo, Don’t just stay… Live.

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