5 Colors to Embrace From Your Wardrobe This Merry Season

Festive seasons are fun for the most part but they also come with a long list of parties that require your attendance. As the year comes to an end, chances are, there are party invitations starting from Christmas to New Year’s to post New Year’s to annual office party waiting for your reply. While some of us may be confused if you can repeat your Diwali outfit this season, here is a simple guide to picking the perfect festive colors for your yearend parties.


It is the season of merry and Christmas & New Year’s make for a great time to bravely wear your reds in case you have been shy. The cold makes it the perfect time to wear your fiery red in the form of a dress, tie or shoes. Even darker shades like burgundy, maroon count when you want to make a statement at the party. However, do not go overboard to look like Santa.


Snow and Santa’s beard have one thing in common, white! It is the season to wear your white with every attire you don this time of the year. Pair it with blue and hues of blue and you are set to be the star of the evening.


Green when worn in solid spells the true Christmas spirit. This brave color even lets you be funky when you mix it with prints of mistletoe, though an overdose of the green might just turn into an elf. The color is best carried in blocks.

Silver & Gold

The Christmas tree is going to be decked in silver and gold, no reason why you should not either. Wearing both like the tree, however, may spell fashion doom for you. A silver dress or a silver satin shirt when worn solo will go a long way in making your sparkle that night.


The color of all seasons, you can never go wrong with black, however, when the mood is merry, reach out for your black only when absolutely out of options. Nevertheless, a stellar black piece always makes heads turn.

Adding colors to the holiday season is just a way of adding merry to the season so do not be scared to explore.

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