5 Essential Items For Every Camper

An escape from our city lives is what we all crave every once in a while. One of the best options to do it is by camping. Experienced or not, camping is something almost everyone falls in love with. The raw intake of nature is best experienced when sitting in a tent with a cup of coffee in hand. While it is one of the best feelings one can have, it can easily turn sour unless you are amply prepared for surviving in the wild. Here is a quick checklist to follow when packing your sack for camping.


Clothes play an important role when you are hiking or camping. It is best to wear clothes made of sweat-free and fast dry materials for maximum comfort. As for how many clothes you should carry, it entirely depends on your trek. Make sure you find out beforehand if there is water involved, in that case always carry an extra pair of clothes. You don’t want to shiver in your damp clothes at night. Supportive inner wear helps, especially sports bra with breathable back straps.

  1. Knife

No matter how short or long your trek may be, it is advisable to carry a knife on all your camping trips. You may not be using it for slashing down trees but it is a survival tool that is forever handy. A higher upgrade of a knife is a Swiss knife which has every possible tool in a compact and easy to handle form.

  1. Torch

Like a knife, a torch is another cardinal tool you do not want to forget. A basic hand torch or a headlamp works fine, it may vary according to your choice and trek utility but it should not be an item you forget if you want to survive in the wild.

  1. Sunscreen

Camping trips call for carrying only the needful which means you can give your deodorant a miss but not sunscreen, toothbrush, soap and tissue papers. They make all the difference between staying clean and staying dirty.

  1. Plastic

Another sovereign item that can protect your entire baggage is a plastic. No matter how waterproof your bag may be, it is best to first keep your things in a plastic and then inside your sack as it adds to the protection while keeping your goodies damp free. If possible you can also slide into your sleeping bag in a plastic before putting it inside its cover. However, do remember to not leave your plastic behind.

As and when you grow as a camper, you know to pick the essential from the redundant in your rucksack. No matter how light you may pack, these are the essentials that are best not forgotten.

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