7 Iconic Décor Pieces From All Time Favorite Television Series

Our home decor is a reflection of who we are as individuals. Every item you put on display in your apartment speaks about you and your choices. Depending on which side you want to show to those who visit your apartment, you pick your mantlepiece and dining table centerpiece. While a Persian rug may show the art lover in you, a funky album cover framed on the doorway tells about your music taste. While these are a reflection of what we love, television series which we all pay an immense amount of attention to can also reflect in your décor. So here is our pick from the top seven television series and their iconic décor items you would like in your apartment.
1. Monica’s peephole photo frame in FRIENDS


The iconic simple yellow frame gave privy to a lot of adventure in the television series and no reason why it should not be present in your apartment to jazz up your simple door. Even if you do not have a purple door, a small frame around the peep-hole would do the trick.
2. The blue French horn from How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
The blue French horn was iconic for its rare blue color and it is present in your living room will surely lead to interesting conversations. It can also be an easy way to spot How I Met Your Mother fans as they start to admire your piece.
3. Wine glasses from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
The Lannisters had flaunted the best wine glasses in Kings Landing. Starting from handmade glasses Cersei sipped red wine from to brass ones Tyrion carried around they are an absolute catch and can make any mini-bar proud.
4. Batman cookie jar from Big Bang Theory

A cookie jar is a must if you are a sugar lover. There can be nothing nicer than to place your candy bars and cookies in a fancy cookie jar like the Batman one owned by Sheldon and Leonard.
5. Fairy lights from Stranger Things

stranger things
Stranger Things figured prominent on Halloween décor but that is no reason for you to not carry forward your love for the thriller science fiction. Recreate the voodoo board with the Hawkins style lights and see your guests get mesmerized.
6. The blue sofa from Seinfeld

A sofa is an essential piece of décor that ties the entire décor of your apartment together. Having a stellar piece makes it the talking point for those visiting your apartment. The iconic sofa in sitcom Seinfeld brought many an adventure and giggles together, no reason why you should not let its big comfy cushions do the same in your apartment.
7. Wallpaper in Sherlock’s Baker Street apartment

sherlock homes
Wallpapers have for the most part become a décor item of the past but that should not stop you from singling out a wall to flaunt the deep bold wallpaper seen in Baker Street apartments. Add a smoking pipe and you are all ready to bring the mystery to your home.
While these are just some of the top series, feel free to replicate décor pieces from your favorite series to make your apartment speak for you.

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