Top 4 Ways To Make Valentine’s Day Special For Your Partner At Home

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you must have already planned something for your special someone. While we all wish to surprise them in the best possible ways on this special day, a weekday kills all the enthusiasm in us. You may know that a dinner reservation at 8.30 won’t be possible since you have work pending but that does not mean you have to postpone the celebration to the weekend. Instead, you can have the same amount of fun and intimacy in the place you are both most comfortable in, your home. Here is a look at these unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without having to step out of your home.

1. Spa at home
Everyone likes to be pampered, no matter which day it is. This Valentine’s Day draw a special bath for your dear one. Bring out all the fancy candles, bath bombs, bath salt and shower gel. Don’t have a bathtub? Then go for a simple pedicure for each other. Soak your feet in warm water, add a few rose petals. Have some wine to sip while you wait for the dirt to fall away. Share a few laughs amidst chocolate and you have the perfect night to yourselves.

2.Dig out old memories
When you celebrate love with one another, it is sweet to envision a future together but also make it an occasion to look back at everything you have had so far. Bring out your old photographs from your drives, the first movie ticket you saved, the first picture you took together. They all serve to rejig memories and remind each other of the special bond you share with each other.

3.Make it everything hearts
You may not have got time to go “all hearts” this Valentine’s Day by going to a restaurant that has everything in a heart shape, but that does not mean you don’t get to do the same at home. Cook delicious healthy food for your special one at home. Make the pizza in heart-shaped along with the paratha or the brownie you are baking. Food and dessert can easily be molded into the eternal shape of love so use it to your advantage in the kitchen on this special day. No one resists a heart-shaped pancake or omelet.

4.Add in candles and rose petals
When you throw a Valentine’s Day surprise at home, it cannot be just food and music. To bring in a holistic feeling of the occasion it is crucial to set the mood. You can make it a only-candle-night by lining the apartment with candles. Add a few scented candles and roses in equal succession and you will have the perfect evening ahead of you.
Getting to spend a special day like Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your home holds a special charm. This way, you get to spend the day in a private way, living each moment together. So light up the candles, peel the rose petals and say the words when he or she gets blown over by your surprise.
Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day in advance.

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