Ditch The Roses and Opt For These Fun Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and we are all on the lookout to do something special for our special one. While chocolates and flowers are the usual picks for the day, you can still jazz it up a bit more by not making it all that clichéd. If you have a rockstar boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are they want to move away from what the rest of the city is doing but you can still stick to the Valentine’s Day traditions by twisting it a bit. While chocolates are the staple, here is a look at all the other types of flowers you can gift your special one other than roses.

Simple, serene and sensuous, these bulbous beauties can charm any heart. You will be spoilt for colors at the flower shop when you go for tulips. Pink and red tulips are suggestive of fresh beginning making them the perfect gift if you are planning to start something new this year.

blue orchids
These tiny complex flowers have all the ways of letting your loved one know that you love and cherish them. Considered to be the more sophisticated choice when it comes to those who love it, orchids come in a wide variety of colors. Just because it is Valentine’s Day, does not mean it has to be all red and pink, present a deep blue shade of orchid and you will score big on originality for sure.

These pretty flowers are meant for those who like to keep things simple as calendulas stand for simplicity and elegance. They come in various colors and make for a big bouquet with just a few of them tucked in. Not enough money for a bouquet? Their long stems can do the trick for you just fine even if you give just one.

4.Sun Flower
You may call it an unlikely option for Valentine’s Day but then again what is a sunny partner without a sunny flower? An entire bouquet conveys warmth, happiness, adoration, and lasting love. If your partner loves humor then this is sure to be one of those things he or she is going to love and remember you for.

These simple yet beautiful flowers speak for love in its most honest definition. Also, they come at a pocket-friendly budget which gives them an edge over roses whose price tag shoots around the season of love. Pick them in a color that suits you and your relationship and break the notion of an all-red Valentine’s Day.

If you find the concept of giving flowers on V-Day overrated yet want to make it special then succulents are your ultimate alternative. They offer a different experience and definitely last longer than flowers. These tiny plants can be kept anywhere from office table to kitchen. They can even adorn your special someone’s fridge as magnets. Place them in a fancy pot and you have a stellar Valentine’s Day gift.
While flowers are a sure way to say you love and cherish a person, never forget to add your personality to what you give away this season of love.

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