5 Reasons Why You Should Get Yourself A Roommate

Living alone has its own perks. When you shift to a new city, the proposition of not having to share a room or be under the ever-vigilant eyes of parents sounds like the best thing to have happened. But then, as the stress of work seeps in, a company is what we seek. Nothing helps loneliness like a roommate. Apart from loneliness, you start valuing a roommate for the little things in life. Here are few reasons why you should get a roommate.

1.Half price housing
The heartache of seeing at least one-third of your salary be eaten away in rent comes with living alone. Having a roommate means you get to enjoy half-price housing. If you have been blessed with a responsible one then you will not have to go around chasing them to pay up. At the end of the day, the money you save by sharing the apartment adds to more trips to your favorite restaurant.

2.Someone to rely on during emergencies
A roommate comes in handy not just for rent splitting but during emergencies as well. Always choose the one you can rely on during times of crisis. While there are several levels of crisis, the most basic of them all is that they become your emergency contact. Make sure your parents or friends have his or her contact to be able to reach out to you when the occasion arises.
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3.Receive deliveries
The best part of having a roommate is to have someone to open the door. While this may not be a good policy to follow at all times, it is acceptable when you are getting your shoes delivered and he or she is there at home to take. With a roommate, you will no longer have to wait for a weekend courier delivery. You may not have a cooked dinner waiting for you at home but with a roommate at home, you can always order while on the road so that there is zero time wasted waiting for your food to arrive.

4.Someone to talk to
When stress levels reach their record high, we always need someone to talk to. As adults, parents are not always the first option that comes to your mind but a roommate is a more approachable person given that he or she lives with you. It is easy to complain about your boss when having your dinner together. As you share, you will realize how similar all the bosses in the world are and that you are not the sole soul suffering from work stress.

5.Someone to pick you up if you fall
Accidents are commonplace, having a roommate ensures that you have someone to pick you up when you fall in the shower or slipped down the stair. This picking is not just restricted to physical falls but mental falls as well. Living with someone similar to your age without any blood relation comes with a greater realization of you not being alone in this journey.

A roommate does not have to be your best friend or soulmate but simply existing to make life a little less lonely. So reach out to your roommate and have good laugh before you hit the bed every night.

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