5 Healthy Munchies For Your Next Binge-watching Session

Munchies are an eternal part of our lives. All of us love to nibble or chew on something while relaxing. Be it at the spa, bus stop or simply at work. But the one area where munchies are most desirable is when you are binge-watching your favorite shows. Nothing feels better than you and a bowl of your favorite munchies, ready to get you lost in your world of fiction. But most often than not, these munchies simply end up adding to our waistline. Wondering if there are healthier options available? We have got you covered. Read on to know about healthier munchies options for your next series marathon.

  1. Try new types of chips

Chips form the whole definition of munchies but their oil and salt content make them an enemy of your diet. They increase chances of bloated feelings as well as obesity. Next time, try to get innovative with your chips instead of sticking to same old potato ones. There are several baked versions available starting with kale and apple. If you search the snacks aisle of your supermarket a bit more thoroughly, you will be surprised by the kinds of chips you come across.

  1. Chickpeas

A rare option on the munchies card but these nuggets of legume when seasoned and sautéed well can turn into absolute delicacies for your time spent before a screen relaxing. Spicy versions make your snacking more interesting. Their small size means they last longer while giving you a boost of protein while you binge.

  1. Popcorn

The classic television/ theatre popcorn snack is one of the best munchies you can have. Even with added butter, it is still healthier than anything you can lay your hand on. The best part, you can just pop it in your microwave and it will be ready even before the first credits are finished. They record very less in calories and also leave you not feeling overtly filled before your next meal.

  1. Frozen fruits

Munchies can be just one part of your snacking, another side to it is sucking on your favorite fruits. Cut them and pop them in the freezer to be next eaten on your binge-watching session. The popsicle side of it makes them fun to eat for adults and children alone.

  1. Add a dip

Wondering how you are going to make kale chips interesting? Add a little dip of your choice. Mayo, salsa sauce, yogurt, make it something you enjoy. No matter how boring your snack maybe, a little dip on the side always adds flavor. For more healthier choice, you can even add humus.

Reaching out for coke or carbonated drinks is an easy choice when you are binging but replacing it with a healthy smoothie will mean you gulp down on the green blend with the drama of your show. Binge watching is, after all, is supposed to be relaxing for you.

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