5 Food Items In Your Kitchen That Can Never Go Stale

Going for a long vacation? Wondering which items to let continue living in your refrigerator and which ones to toss out? Here is some clarity for you. While most food items are perishable, some do have immortality. They tend to never get stale. If you have been throwing away these items after long periods of not using them, think again, they can never go stale.

  1. Honey

This golden colored goodness can last forever. You can simply leave it in a tight jar in your kitchen and come back to your house three years later and it will still be sitting smug. So do not throw away honey when you go away for a month-long vacation because this product can last forever.

  1. Salt

The sodium chloride compound has stood the test of time as it may have survived centuries on earth, no reason why it can’t stand your time away from home. Store it in a safe dry place and you will not have to purchase salt from the store along with your groceries when you return. To keep it lump free, add a few grains of rice.

  1. Sugar

The crystallized form of sugar ensures that it never gets stale. Keep it in a dry container and it will last forever. Although you may face granulation later as is common in most kitchen items, you can be sure that your sugar is good to go with the first cup of coffee you make after entering your home after a long vacation.

  1. Water

After you walk into your apartment, the first thing you look for is a glass of water. While tap water is not always safe, there is no harm in drinking water from the half-filled bottle you left behind. If it has been securely bottled then it is just as fresh as spring water. If you are all for glass water bottles at home then the water you left behind has no cause to get stale. For plastic bottles, however, check for moss growth at the bottom. If you see any it is best to avoid but mineral water bottles with their seal intact can last months without getting affected. Water, at the end, can never go stale.

  1. Alcohol

While the items listed above do not go stale, they do not get fresher with time, the alcohol sitting in your apartment is just one of those items that get better with time. When it comes to wine, you can store it at the base of a cupboard and forget about it. They will be just as good when you come back home after a month or so. Ready for you to pop open the bottle.

While fruits & vegetables perish fast, spices, on the other hand, tend to last longer but they are best thrown away after a period of three months. Even pulses like red kidney beans and chickpeas last a long time unless infested with insects.

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