Wardrobe Checklist For Holi

Life can often get out of color with its monotony and that is why we have Holi to bring it back. As the festival of colors gets closer there is much to plan as to how to best celebrate it with friends and family. While you may be busy doing so, what you are going to wear for your Holi party often gets neglected. A Holi party attire, unlike others, is meant to function so that you can best chase around your friends and get the maximum fun of smearing them with color without having to struggle in your dress. So here is a rundown on how to best dress for Holi so that nothing comes in between your fun.

Holi being the festival of colors, there is no bar on what colors you wear. Bring out the quirkiest clothes from the wardrobe and you will enter the party with a real style statement. Shorts are the best to go, so bring out your neon ones and celebrate the colors.

T-shirts are essential for any Holi party but it is also important that you do not salvage your favorite shirt for the celebration. Make sure you bring out an old one. The color smeared shirt will be a throw away later so it is best to sacrifice an old one for the occasion.

Being able to cover up the body with your Holi attire only means you spend less time in the shower scrubbing yourself. This applies to wearing long sleeves and covering up your hair with a bandana, cap or a hat. It will protect your hair and skin while helping you jazz up your look altogether.

You will possibly be running around in the open field or by-lanes, so to keep your feet running, stick to simple slippers. They will give you agility while keeping your more expensive shoes intact. Covered shoes are best avoided during Holi as they tend to get soggy and heavy after getting wet. You would not want to get slowed down by your shoes when you are well into chasing your friend around with a bucket of water.

All said and done, it is best to wear clothes that won’t make you worry about stains. It is Holi after all and the greater splashes of colors you have on you, the better it is.

Happy Holi!

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