Benefits Of Doodling Your Personal Calendar

As an adult, life is full of reminders. Birthdays, dates, meetings, appointments, meetups and a horde of other reminders need to be constantly juggled and memorized. While apps in phones have made life a whole lot easier, putting it down on paper still holds its charm. Paper calendars have become a rare item in modern homes but that should be no reason for you to not make one, simply to make the items of your daily use more personalized over store-bought items. Here are a few pointers on how monthly calendars can make life easier.

If being creative is your gig then penning a calendar can give you a break from all the dull things in your life. Splash in some colors, draw freestyle and make it your calendar. Let your creative flow and you will be more than just happy to see it every morning.

Our phones are forever kept in close proximity to us. We may be texting mongers but there are still a few things which slip our mind and never really get recorded on our phones. A free to jot down calendar to mark your laundry day or cooking day helps.

As millennials most of us have lost contact with paper as going paperless has become the norm in most office spaces as well as homes. With a handy paper calendar, it helps you to get back to touching paper.

A calendar does not have to be just reminders, it can instead also be used for record keeping. Create your own little index and use it to mark specific days and activities like days when you exercise or eat junk. When you keep jotting down on your calendar, it can actually help guilt trip you into not eating out for the rest of the week.

Place your calendar on a surface you are definite to come across like your wardrobe or refrigerator. Looking at it every day before or after work is sure to keep your day and life in order.

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