5 Simple Tips For Keeping Your Passport Safe

Our passport is our most important document of identification when we travel, yet it is also that piece of document that bears the major brunt of your traveling. Of all your travel gear, it possibly gets worn out the most with sweat, water, grim and dirt. Despite its importance, we think very little about it when traveling. These little booklets require utmost care as they hold testimony to the travel bug in you. If you are a frequent international traveler then do read on to know how you can keep your passport safe and protected.
1. Get a passport protector
While we may get covers for our phones, cameras, and bags, we rarely consider getting a cover for our passport. Sure it feels nice to flaunt your nationality but your passport succumbs to sunlight, rain, dirt, and mud. A passport cover is easily available online and it makes sure that only the cover undergoes the scratches and spills while keeping the passport nice and shiny. It gets even better if you buy a waterproof cover.
2. Flash only when necessary
As an international traveler, you must be well versed with when you really need to flash your passport and when to tuck it away safely by using other identification documents instead. It is not necessary to carry if you are roaming around the city as a tourist. Simply carry it only when required thereby reducing risks of your passport being lost or stolen.
3. Make copies of your passport
It is very important to have several copies of your passport when you are traveling and at home. But it is also equally important that you create safe copies of it as they stand risks of information leakage. Make sure you also have a digital copy backed in the cloud. This allows easy access for you from any part of the world.
4. Place it with the right people
After you have made the copies be sure to keep a physical copy at home and with your emergency contact. If an occasion arises where you lose it, your contact can always send it you for it to be considered in embassies for the faster provision of a fresh one.
5. Keep it secure when traveling in
While most of us like to tuck it away in your backpack. It is better if you take precautions when it comes to your passport. When you leave them behind in your hotel room, place them in the mini locker or in a locked compartment of your baggage.

A passport at the end of the day stands testimony to the travel bug in you so make sure you do not lose one, those stamps are not going to come back.

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