Skip Smoothies For These 5 Simple Juices In Your Diet

We all wish to keep fit by exercising, dieting and trying to cut off junk in some way or the other. But these methods are aided by several other small approaches like sleeping well, sticking to a schedule and eating right. When it comes to eating right, simply starving yourself will not make your fat deposits disappear, rather, eating smart is what counts. One of the age-old propositions of eating right is to take the right fluids. It is only when you replace your soda or coke with orange juice, does it really count in your dieting efforts.

While celebrities munch on doubtful looking smoothies all days, you are a no celebrity and hence do not require putting your tongue through such strenuous acts. What you can do on the other hand is simply opt for fresh juices. Skip the carton and head over to your local juice store and get the real deal without added sugar, preservatives or ice. Confused about which juice to choose? Read along to find the perfect one for yourself.


These orange colored tubers come packed with goodness and are best chugged at one go. They are rich in vitamin A which helps enhance your eyesight, are great antioxidants slowing down aging, boosts immunity, balances blood sugar and cholesterol when had before or after a workout.


Though not a pleasant surprise for your taste buds, they are the closest you can get to drinking the ultimate booster juice. It increases blood flow in your system due to its nitrates, reduces blood pressure, detoxifies the liver for all those suffering from weak liver, is a cure of sorts for anemia and iron deficiency, strengthens muscles, cures constipation by improving bowel movements and helps fight inflammation.


It is the best anti-inflammatory agent as it contains bromelain, it is an excellent source of Vitamin C for boosting resistance, best not to have with other food as it increases digestion, it has a very high water content which contributes to weight loss, it can help curb appetite. The myth also says that it helps in belly fat reduction.


A glass of orange juice is not directly linked to weight loss but it does have its own set of benefits like Vitamin C and a boost for your immunity. If weight loss is on your agenda then it is best to avoid but you can always keep it for cheat days.

Sweet Lime

These round goodness are Vitamin C powerhouses that detoxify the body. It boosts immunity as well works wonder for your post-gym body cramps. It adds to your bone health by increasing bone density. It is even known to have anti-aging properties as well reduces blemishes.

Picking a juice is as easy as choosing water over a soda at lunch. So pick what suits you best. Mix it up once in a while to keep your juice diet interesting.

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