5 Fashion Hacks To Keep Your Summer Easy Breezy

Summers come with their cool evening breeze, a bright sun and ice creams. However, not everything gets nice and sweet when the Sun takes its scorching status. While turning on the air conditioner is just one way of keeping up the sanity, our clothes can also help us cool off better. As the season is almost around the corner and we are all digging into our wardrobe to find a top or shirt that will help our skin breathe easy. Here are few tips on how to dress right this summer.

  1. Bring out your cotton

Summer is the ultimate season to flaunt your easy breezy cotton. Nothing beats summer like cotton. As a material, it ensures better air circulation. It absorbs sweat better leaving you fresh. Shedding your jeans on cotton trousers is a sure way to keep the heat off your back.

  1. Ditch the black

Black may always be in trend but when it comes to summer, it is best avoided even from the eyes of fashion. Its high heat absorbing spectrum means you will get hotter faster in black. If you are that keen on wearing the color then simply stick to wearing them after sunset.

  1. Splurge on colors

Summer is the ultimate season to wear colors. Pull them all out from your wardrobe, the brighter the better. Save the dark or deeper shades for evening wear while saving bright ones like yellow, blue and green for day wear.

  1. Let your feet breathe

It is not just your body that needs to breathe easy but your feet too. This is the season to show off your sandals in all their glory. Never be afraid to slip in your ketos. While working out, spend a bit on breathable shoes for it is better to have them than have to pull out your stinky sweaty feet in public.

  1. Go light on accessories

For most, accessories are a must when it comes to dressing but summer is the season for you to go light on them. Stick to the basics like earrings and watches to avoid feeling hot unnecessarily.

Summer is the ultimate season to be free.  Don’t let your clothes get in the way of the fun you are supposed to have by following these tips.

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