How Not To Be An Annoying Roommate With These 5 Tricks

Roommates are a pleasure to have around. While living alone has its perks, having a roommate who is pleasant to live with and knows his or her boundaries adds to the fun. But most often than not, they can also be annoying to live with. This can especially happen if neither of you is mindful of each other’s needs and requests and thus equation can turn sour easily.  Here are a few ways on how you can avoid turning into an annoying roommate.

  1. Playing loud music

Music can be a common bond between roommates. You may or may not have similar tastes but may still enjoy each other’s music. However, when not listening to it together, or when one of you is trying concentrate on a PPT, loud music can play truant. Making use of your earphones over speakers is the best way to avoid such annoying instances.

  1. Inviting people without mentioning

You and your roommate may have a very good rapport but that still requires for each of you to take permission from each other when it comes to using common properties. When it is for inviting friends or partners over, you must always inform your roommate beforehand.

  1. Not doing your share of chores

As roommates, both of you work to keep the domestic system chugging. This means each of you has divided chores that need to be done in a timely manner. While skipping the dishes for a day may be fine, not doing them deliberately shows irresponsibility and can also lead to annoyance. After all, nobody likes to walk into a kitchen with no clean spoon.

  1. Taking domestic decisions alone

Running a household together is not an easy job as it involves both being present for the decision making process. It may be for tiny things like which room fresher to use to switching over to olive oil in the kitchen, the occasions are innumerable but they need to be made together to avoid conflicts later.

  1. Forgetting basic mannerisms

The best way to not be a source of irritation is by sticking to basic manners you learned at school. These include saying thank you and sorry when needed as well as sharing. Be respectful and compassionate towards each other above all.

Pointing out your roommate’s fault lines is easy but rectifying yours is the harder part. So be mindful of others and your own mistake to not be an annoyance yourself.

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