Ode to a Purrfect Sunday by Homigo

Hola Homigos,

The weekend is knocking on our doors and you know what it means, we are ready for another event to make your weekend worthwhile. Before we give you a trailer of what’s happening next; let’s take a few steps back in time.

So how was your Sunday? Well, we had a purrfect day as our event welcomed energetic, happy-go-lucky folks who not only made our guests smile but ROFL too. Nope, we aren’t talking about the Homigo team, we are talking about our beautiful furry friends – Pets.

There was laughter, there were smiles and a lot of ‘Awws’ too. While our female guests were mesmerized by the stunning personality of our otherwise calm kitten, Bella. The men, on the other hand, seemed to forget their worries while playing with the bad boy, Foggy. And how can we forget our Homigo ambassador, Trippy, who made sure everyone was having a good time in the event.

Someone has rightly said, to understand the true meaning of life, spend some moments with a dog. We unwinded, we chilled and of course, we drank in the happiness of being surrounded by these pawsome furry friends.

Hey, but this didn’t stop us from cheering for our teams as Paw-Purr-Azzi was followed by Howzzat 4.0. We are sure Dhoni could have heard us shouting from Bangalore, thanks to the Beers! It was an energetic night and to have our guests along with us for the events makes all the hustle worth the effort.

If you still haven’t attended any of our events, we suggest that this is the right time to join us before we run out of all these exciting ideas. We’re kidding, we won’t! Follow Homigo on Facebook and Instagram and be updated about the next event happening just around the corner.

-See you there!

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