Overcoming The Challenges Of Living With A Homebody

If you have lived with a veritable number of roommates, you will have successfully come across a wide variety of personalities. Some may like to party with you, others may join you for a video game session while a few would like to cook with you. Whatever their preference may be, they like to participate in some way or the other. However, they will always be a few who would not like to step out of the house to be active with you. These people called homebodies like to spend their time at home rather than outside. If you ever come across one such individual here’s how to live with one.

Assume they are unadventurous

It is easy to assume that homebodies are lazy people who like to spend their time at home on a Saturday night. They in all possibility will cancel plans to simply spend time at home but this should by no means make you believe they are unadventurous. They prefer chasing adventures indoors and alone.

Go overboard to make homes comfy

One complains you will never have with a homebody is unwholesome home keeping. Homebodies love their homes which means they go all out to keep it pretty and comfortable. This includes everything from hanging paintings, to gardening to putting up pretty fairy lights to scented candles. They will do it all to feel relaxed when at home. For a roommate, this is an absolute blessing.

They love their space

Homebodies love the space they live in and you as roommate should understand it best instead of belittling them for not going out for a Saturday night party. They may not agree to go out that often but that should not be a reason for you to stop extending invitations. Try to include them in your activities at home. When you entertain friends, they will lend you a hand.

Being home doesn’t mean being lonely

For most people who are outgoing by nature, seeing another being at home feels like a life of loneliness and pity. This is not true for homebodies, they prefer being at home and spending time, unlike extroverts, they find amusement in themselves. Homebodies, in fact, know the secret to being at peace with oneself when alone.

Living with a homebody is less of a challenge and more of a way for roommates to accept them for their different approach to life. So embrace them and enjoy them in their blissful homes.

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