4 Easy Ways Your Pet Can De-stress You

We all experience stressful phases at some point in our lives for various reasons. Sometimes we let go of that stress, while sometimes we carry some sort of emotional baggage with us all our lives. Hence, we are constantly in search of ways to de-stress. Some methods are easier said than done while others are achieved with time. A few others are often missed by us even when they are right in front of us. One such easy solutions to ease your stress if your pet himself. Yes, you love them and adore them but did you know they can also give your spa visits a run for their money with their sheer charm? Wondering how that is possible? Well here are a few easy ways on how to de-stress with your pets.

  1. The most basic way to wash away your work blues is by including them in your daily activities. If you go for a run before or after a walk, take Bruno with you. If it is television you wind down to, then sit down on the floor with him. The football matches are interesting and will even perk you up but have Bruno beside you to a pet is another amazing experience. When you are out with your dog, they easily help break the ice. Strangers are more willing to smile at you with Bruno’s wagging tail sending out the ultimate invitation. He eventually helps you relax and be comfortable.
  2. Looking for a way to meditate to calm down your anxiousness? Your dog is the solution. Experts suggest, that when anxious you can try following your dog’s breathing pattern to help you calm down. Dogs tend to breathe from their abdomen when you start imitating it, it is known to help calm down.
  3. When Bruno asks you to join him in a game of fetch, do it. Yes, you may be busy but it wouldn’t hurt you to take a few minutes off to throw his ball a couple of times. Seeing him hop, scot, wag and simply be happy will give you a deep sense of satisfaction.
  4. We all have days when toiling on the bed is the only thing we want to do. These low points are times when we neither want to talk nor see anyone but a connection and touch is what all of us crave. Your pet becomes the best option during these times. Their highly intuitive nature means they pick up on your mood and will even lie down with you.

Pets can be incredible ways to distress. Their unconventional ways of calming us beat any expensive candles you may have spent on.  So spend a little more time with them. It will be worth so much more.

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