5 Quick Fixes To Keep Your Apartment Cool Without An AC This Summer

Summer is here and we are all scrambling to keep ourselves a little bit cool. While for most of us, a great part of the day is spent at workplaces with central cooling, our homes sadly do not have such luxuries except for a mere air conditioner. In our race to make our lives cooler during summer, our home is the first place we want to keep cool. If you are wondering how you can do that without installing central cooling at home, you will be surprised. Here are a few quick ways to keep the temperature down at your home.

Add a little greenery

This is the most basic way of naturally keeping the temperature down in your room without having to invest a lot. Add a few pots of the plant around your living room or bedroom. They are best kept at windows or balconies where the maximum sunlight comes in from. Their air filtering properties will make the air free of dust while keeping the temperature cool.

Go for cotton curtains and blinds

Summer is the season to swap your synthetic curtains for cotton ones. A non-cotton based curtain is an absolute no for the season, to reduce unwanted heat gain through windows. Cotton allows more circulation. You can even invest in blackout curtains if the sunlight gets to you. But most importantly, cheap straw blinds are a great yet fashionable way of keeping the light out while allowing air circulation.

Sleep the Egyptian way

Just like your curtains, your bed sheets too demand to be changed seasonally. Cotton is the ultimate way to go in the season. If you find your room to be too stuffy to sleep, you can always try lightly drizzling your bed sheet with water. The extreme heat is sure to vaporize the water in no time while letting you sleep in a cool bed instead of a heated warm bed. Simply make the bed sheet or towel damp and then sleep over it.

Cross ventilation

This is the most common way of keeping the heat away at your home. The perpendicular placement of doors and windows in our apartments are a sure way of allowing the air to circulate which has a natural way cooling the apartment. So keep windows and doors open in summer for the better time of the day to let the cool breeze flow. Remember that stagnant air heats up faster.

Swap your pillows for buckwheat

If you are looking for an easy way to fall asleep faster during summer then you can always invest in a buckwheat pillow. They are little more expensive than cotton or rayon ones but the benefits sure pay off in the long run. The grains naturally trap air in between them and keep it cool for you.

An air conditioner is not the only way to keep your apartment cool this summer. Try these quick cooling fixes for your apartment without having to burn your electricity bill.

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