6 Ways To Show Your Mango Love In Your Food This Summer

Summer is here and it is demanding a new palate for your taste buds. Nothing says summer like mangoes. The delectable juicy yellow fruits are called king for a reason. If biting into a slice of raw mango is not your usual take, then there are a variety of innovative ways for you to consume them. Here is a look at a few of them.

Mango salad

Summers call for light intake with little or no spices. The best way to compensate for the spice is with flavors and nothing adds flavor to your food like mango. Try a mango salad for a change with red onion, cilantro, jalapenos and lime juice to bring it all together. It will be like summer in a bowl.

Frozen Treat

Sunny days call for something refreshing to suck and lick. While ice cream is the favorite option, you can also foray into other avenues like frozen treats. Mix diced mango with orange juice and let them sit pretty in the freezer till they become solid. These frozen lollipops are sure to make you reach out to them in the sunny afternoon.

Ice cream topping

Mango flavored ice creams are widespread. While they taste great, there is no harm for you to mix the original fruit with your ice creams. Serve them as toppings on vanilla ice cream scoops or make a thick puree and drizzle it on your ice cream. If you can imagine it, this fruit can deliver it!


Pancake is a versatile breakfast dish but sadly we do not experiment it with flavors. While banana and blueberry pancakes are the usual norms there is no reason for you to not add mangoes too. Use them as topping for your pancakes or add them to the batter, they will do wonders for your breakfast either way.


Healthy smoothies are in vogue but a mango smoothie should be reserved for your cheat day. Add a little sugar and milk and you will be taken back to your childhood days when you had little worry about your waistline.

Make it a dessert

Mangoes may be a dessert in themselves but that should be no reason to not amp up their flavor with a few more of your other favorite fruits. Mix mango, banana, strawberries and oranges in a bowl with a pinch of red chili powder, lime juice, and honey, serve chilled and you will eat away to a healthy dessert.

These are just a few ways for you to experiment with mangoes; the rest depends on your imagination and the willpower to believe that nothing can go wrong with mangoes in them.

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