Keep Early Morning Oily Skin At Bay With These 4 Tips

Summers call for special attention to your skin. While your sunscreen lotion needs to become your best friend for the season, it is not the only item that you need to keep handy. Remember those mornings of waking up to an oily face adding to the discomfort of the summer? Well, they are back and so is your desperation to finding solutions to an oily early morning skin. Look no further, for here are a few quick tips to ensure you wake up with a fresh skin and not a grim oily one.

Go to bed with a clean face

The most basic way to avoid waking up with an oily face is to clean your face before bed. This is a rule that applies to all seasons but summer, in particular, requires special need as the high temperature can influence your body to secrete more oil. Going to bed by cleaning up with a simple face wash or deep pore cleanser goes a long way in stopping your nose from shinning like Rudolph the reindeer when you wake up.

 Avoid using oil or cream-based moisturizers

Summers make for oily skin but that does not mean you altogether banish your moisturizers into exile. However, the trick is to ensure that you use the right kind of moisturizers. Keep away from oil or cream-based moisturizers if you have been blessed with an oily skin. Try water-based moisturizers that hydrate your skin. You can get back to the oil-based ones once the season changes to winter.

Cool it down in your room

Room temperature greatly affects your oil secretion. A hot and humid room is bound to make your skin oilier. So, switch on the AC or keep a wet towel handy on your bed stand in the absence of an AC. It all eventually adds up to keeping your skin cool and even helps in giving you a good night’s sleep.

Drink water

The easiest way to keep oily skin at bay during summers is to keep yourself hydrated. Skip the soda, cold drink and instead keep sipping the usual H2O. It does greater wonder for your skin and system than anything else. It even inhibits the oil secretion to a great extent. Aim for drinking more than three liters of water a day. By opting for water instead of juice or soda ensures that you do not intake added sugar.

The summers are hard months to live by when you have an oily skin. But that should never get in the way of you enjoying the season.

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