My odd collection of items inherited from previous tenants

Moving into a new place comes with its own perks and irks. After you have zeroed in on a new place, a new adventure begins for you in your new home. Setting it up is a struggling phase but it has its own bit of fun stuff. For me, it was discovered those tiny details in my new apartment. What made this even more fun was the fact that there was someone before me, living in that very apartment. If you look carefully enough, that person may have left behind titbits of their personality even if they tried hard to not leave behind any belongings.

When I shifted to the capital city of Delhi, the one room-kitchen apartment I took up had interesting things to reveal about its previous occupant. A tiny pull out drawer on the bed stand revealed this person to be a woman. She left behind the most obvious item linked to womanhood, make-up. I now had passed on makeup items by an unknown woman. The passed on items included press powder, sunscreen (an absolute necessity in summers), dried out mascara, empty glass containers of moisturizers(they now hold spices), a couple of loud lipsticks and a Lacto Calamine bottle a year past its expiry date. These were of little importance to me yet the tiny insight it gave me catered to my curiosity genes.

In another instance, when I shifted to the commercial capital, Mumbai, the items I received were of a different kind. I shifted to an all-female shared apartment; the items this time were simpler. It was reflected by the fact that it was occupied by a woman with a limited salary just like me then. However, the simple items included essentials like hangers, pillow, hand wash and an oddly shaped plastic container which later became the odd-item container on my table.

Shifting to a new city comes with its struggles and surprises. Settling in takes time but these little surprise gifts left behind by a previous owner adds flavor to the process of settling in, sometimes even a smile during the tedious process. In my case, I got a crash course on the best restaurants in the neighborhood from the takeaway menus left behind.

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