5 Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Small Storage Space

We all go through phases of small apartments in our life. Sometimes they end up being one of the most loved houses you ever lived in. However, no matter how dear these tiny apartments are to our heart they do restrict us in terms of space and storage. If you are battling the same problem then read along to know how to make the best use of your small apartment for storage.

Living with essentials

The cardinal rule to living in a small apartment is keeping your belongings to a bare minimum. Stick to one piece of every item. If you have a shoe stand, there is no need for another one no matter how pretty it is. The same applies to smaller items of kitchenware and homeware. The lesser you own the better it is.

Customize every space

When living in an apartment that restricts your space and storage, the best way to make the most of it is by making sure every surface is efficient in adding to your storage needs. If you have a big bed, ensure that it has a storage space for big items like suitcases and blankets.

Make your décor function

For small apartments with limited space, a clever hack is to blend your storage into your décor. Use wicker baskets on your nightstand to store more stuff or use magnetic strips to make your spice containers stick to your kitchen shelf. Customize your storage space according to your needs but adding dividers to large spaces to get more out of them.

New replaces old

When living in a small apartment, you have to be forever aware of the number of items in your home to control overcrowding. The best way to ensure this is to see that every added item is followed by removing an old item. This will restrict the increase of household items.

Go thrift shopping

A small apartment is always dear to us but it also makes us imagine our dream apartment with its décor. Granted you may want to do it for your current home as well but it is always advisable to not make a lot of investment in a small apartment, instead, go thrift shopping and save a few bucks. This way, it also becomes easier for you to let go of them when shifting.

The best way to live in a small apartment is to live efficiently while keeping your consumerism in check.

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