A Quick Checklist To Run While House Hunting

Shifting to a new city or a new home is a mammoth task in itself. If you are fortunate enough to have a friend or relative to help you out, the heaviness of the task does get diluted but that is just as far as it goes. When you start looking for a place, it is eventually you who has to know the nook and cronies of the best localities to get the best deals. The task is not easy but it isn’t un-doable either. One of the key points to searching out the best house for yourself is to clear all your doubts before you zero in on a place. The best way to do it? Ask as many questions as your heart raises. Here is a quick rundown of all the questions with respect to amenities you need to ask.

Clear it out on the bills

Most rented apartments come with their added expenses which are not included in the rent. Be clear as to what are these extra expenses. Water and electricity are the most common ones which are why you should be clear about how your landlord or landlady charges it.

Check all appliances

You may have found a great furnished apartment at a brilliant price but you never know what surprises it may spring on you once you move in. The best way to avoid it is by ensuring that all appliances are in working condition. Check if all the furniture is in one piece else you might just end up paying for it from your deposit.

Calculate the power sockets

Our lives are driven by devices, it is not just restricted to mobile phones and laptops alone but others like iPads, reading device, and several others. The only way to keep them chugging is to make sure that is plugged in which is why electric sockets in your home need to be placed optimally and at the right places.

Service availability

When you start living in a new apartment, you will require a range of other services like internet connection for WiFi, laundry, grocery and several others. Make sure these are within walkable distance to make life easy for you.

Gate close timings

No matter how friendly or cool an apartment owner may feel or come across as he or she is bound to have a few restrictions. The earlier you find them out, the better it is. Put across questions like gate closing time, security availability, restrictions on bringing over people, even, if you are allowed to keep a pet.

These are just a few of the things you need to look up. But the thumb rule remains that if you have a question in mind, it is best to put it across.

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