5 Easy Rules To The Perfect Photo Wall For Your Apartment

An apartment’s décor is reflective of its owner’s personality. Warm, playful, colorful or sophisticated, it is all reflective of the items he or she puts around the apartment. Wondering how you can best put forward your personality in your apartment? A photo wall may be an answer to your question. If you are not much of a pro when it comes to finding décor items for your apartment then a photo wall is your least effort demanding option. These photos from your life speak in bounds about your life. Plus they put to work your obsession for clicking photos. So what are the tips for putting up the perfect photo wall? Read on to find out.

Play with size

When putting up a photo wall, playing with the size of your photos adds extra oomph to your wall. Don’t stick to the conventional 6*4 inch. Instead, explore all sizes from portrait to passport. The tiny photos will make your guests look in carefully adding to the excitement of exploring the wall.

Put them in order

There is no order prescribed for a photo wall but you can maintain a thumb rule of keeping every frame equidistant from each other. Interior decorators suggest that a photo wall either have large frames at the periphery keeping smaller ones in the center or the reverse. Either way, alternate the sizes when you arrange the frames so that they look aesthetically appealing. Before you start hammering nails on your wall, make paper cut-outs of the frame sizes to get a better idea of the layout.

Mix and match the photos

A photo wall should have a testimony to your life. They don’t all need to be perfect smiley pictures. Play around and throw in a few portraits with a group photo or a selfie. Play around and you will reveal the best side to you.

Pick a frame

How you put up a picture also counts. You can experiment with the texture of the frames to add appeal to your photo wall or stick to the same frame for all. Alternately you can also go for the same color of different textured frames.

Select an unused wall

Where you place your photo wall is equally important. It does not always have been the one behind your sofa. You can spring them in unexpected corners like a staircase wall or a pillar in the middle of your kitchen.

At the end of the day, the real fun lies in seeing your life up on a wall!

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