5 Reasons Why You Need To Switch To Rubber Gloves For Cleaning Dishes

When living alone, there are a plethora of tasks you will have to undertake. Tasks you may have never done before but are required to do now for the simple reason that there is no one else to do them for you unlike at home. Cooking, cleaning, shopping for groceries are just a few chores to name. How you do them will probably be reflective of the way you have seen these tasks be performed at home. However, that does not strictly mean that you follow the same procedure. You can always improvise. Surprisingly, washing dishes was one such task I wanted to do differently. After a week of doing my dishes, I realized my hands had become rough and dry, moisturizers were of little help. This is when I took to wearing gloves while doing dishes.

Wearing gloves while cleaning dishes is not a new concept but is rarely seen in practice in India. For my chapped hands, I opted for them and the difference was startling. My hands remained clean even after doing the dishes and were considerably softer too. Here are few reasons why you should go for cleaning gloves when doing your dishes.

1. Keeps your hands clean
The foremost idea behind using gloves is to create a barrier between the dirt and grime of leftover food. The tiny bits even get to your nails and skin. Having an oil slick over your hand is not a good feeling. Gloves prevent these and eventually keep your hand clean.

2. Prevents passage of bacteria
Bacteria is present in everything we touch. Leftover food, in particular, becomes a breeding ground for them. Naturally it is not something you would like to carry over after you are done with the dishes. Gloves prevent the transfer of these bacteria. Repeated use of the same gloves requires you to clean it manually once in a while and ensure that it dries in open air.

3. Let’s you get to rough stains
No matter how hard you scrub your plates and bowls there will always be a few stubborn bits that refuse to leave the surface of the utensil. Cleaning them with your nails is an irritating affair which is why cleaning gloves help you get to them easily.

4. It does not restrict mobility
My initial thought was that the gloves may restrict my mobility in the sense that I might drop a glass or slip a plate but all of these are preventable based on the type of gloves you opt for. If you go for ones with grip, you will be surprised at how few drops you make.

5. Saves your hand from the abrasive soap 
No matter how well scented and good-for-your hands liquid soap or detergent you use for washing your dishes, they are eventually abrasive in nature and harm the softness of your hand. Wearing a pair of gloves prevents these harmful soaps from coming in direct contact with your skin.

Cleaning gloves are the best way to keep your hands dry and happy.

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